Right now

…you’re struggling with expanding your business, retaining customers, and hitting your new sales goals.

But after...

Binge-Watching Hundreds of YouTube Videos

Running Facebook Ads

Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

…you’re still hitting a low 4-figure glass-ceiling when it comes to your monthly sales and you’re struggling with brand expansion.

At this point, you’re feeling frustrated, exhausted, and you’re ANGRY, thinking that all of the energy you’ve invested thus far has been a waste. 

You’re sick of hitting revenue roadblocks.

you know you deserve a memorable, long-lasting brand that grants you 5-figure months.

After years of marketing your business and building your brand,

Scaling your product-based business is absolutely possible once you learn how to use your existing data to refine your brand.

It’s the same exact framework I’ve used over the past 2 years to help my clients scale to high 4-figure and 5-figure months.

Imagine how much more accomplished you’d feel once you can:

Intentionally execute marketing campaigns that generate results.

Attract quality customers that mold into brand cheerleaders.

Generate enough sales to build a thriving team.

Live abundantly; traveling, GIFTING, AND BUILDING WEALTH, thanks to your business

After helping over 1,000 women establish and expand their brands, I’ve noticed there are

5 common mistakes most product-based business owners are making

that’s holding them back. 

do these sound familiar?

Blindly running ads and paying influencers without a clear strategy, hoping they'll increase your sales.

Underestimating your product’s value because you feel lost within your industry.

Scrambling to sell new products as a way to make more money but failing.

Sporadically posting content on social media with no clear strategy or connection to your brand.

Running after sales from new customers instead of building loyalty with the ones you already have.

When I started my business in 2019, I had the shy goal of replacing my $45,000 salary. For a while I played small, I toggled between $3,000 and $5,000 months and eventually, I completely flatlined. 

During my first 1.5 years:

I worked nights and weekends because I wasn’t generating enough revenue to cover my business expenses, personal expenses AND build a team.

I missed out on making more money by underestimating my products’ value and selling too much for too little.

I struggled with keeping people in my community because I had no clear-cut customer journey or brand strategy, which attracted the wrong people.

Then in June 2020, I got engaged and life hit me like a bag of bricks. I wanted a lavish wedding, I needed to pay my debt off, and I needed to build a sustainable business to take care of my future family.

I performed a mindset shift and came up with my A.A.R. strategy

This strategy allowed me to use my data to refine my brand and 

scale my business from
$4,000 months to $10,000 months and now $30,000 months.

I now have a team of 10, 6-figure quarters, and I travel FREQUENTLY.



A 10-week intensive to help you refine, rebrand, and scale your product-based business.

During our time together, we’ll be breaking down my A.A.R Framework


Audit your current brand positioning and business performance to see how they stack up to your goal(s).


phase 1

Use your data to make informed decisions on what needs to be changed or amplified.


phase 2

Revamp your brand by formulating a powerful and strategic branding foundational plan.


phase 3

Mend broken areas within your brand and create a strategy plan that sets your business up for evergreen growth.


phase 4

Ready to Get Started? Here’s What’s Inside 

I Got Your Back! Which is Why the Program Also Includes:

Private Facebook Community

Our private Facebook group gives you the opportunity to mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs who are just as hungry for success as you are. 

Accountability at its finest

8 Weekly Training Calls: Each week, you’ll be taught a new lesson. These lessons serve as a kickstart to the program’s homework components.

Live Audits and Q&A

2 live audit sessions to complement the weekly trainings, review your materials & make sure all of your questions are answered.

Plug & Play Templates

Get access to all of our templates & resources for your strategy plan, target audience, reporting, and more!

pay in full

3 Monthly Payments of



PIF Bonus: One-on-One Strategy Call with Shanelle (45mins.)

“Shanelle is a blessing in disguise. She took my business from 0 to 100! She’s so genuine and treats your business like her own.”

Jessica was stressing and scrambling through different marketing strategies AND products that ultimately led her nowhere. 

We worked together to analyze her brand & business, which allowed us to identify the strengths and weaknesses within her brand. 

We then created an elevation plan that included using her strong points to attract her ideal audience and refining her weak points to create a better experience for customers. 

With that elevation plan, Jessica was able to intentionally sell refined products that impacted her customers, outsource some of her business tasks, increase her online presence, and build a brand that resonated with her audience.

RESULT: Created an Elevation Plan that allowed her to intentionally sell refined products to her ideal audience.

Jessica M.

SheIs Everything Beauty 

Stephanie H.

Fashion Dollz Boutique

“She [The Brand Hustler] is definitely someone you need to work with to build your brand... And learn how to market it.”

Stephanie was stuck generating $500 in monthly sales.

Although she was making money, the methods she tried before weren’t allowing her to scale. 

We worked together to refine her target audience, develop a consistent brand, create competitive marketing strategies, and more! 

With her new visuals and strategies, she relaunched her business. Since she has gone from $500 to $3,000 to $10,000 per month. She now averages $30K per quarter (even during the pandemic).

RESULT: Refined & Relaunched her business and visuals. Taking her from $500 months to $30,000 quarters

I’m a brand strategist that helps established women scale their product-based business by removing marketing roadblocks caused by inconsistent branding. 

As a previous boutique owner and current coach, I have had the ability to witness my clients celebrate $1,000 days and 6-figure years. 

I’ve been blessed to build a community of over 120,000 women and impacted thousands through programs, trainings, and coaching sessions

Hey, I'm Shanelle

Currently I help product-based business owners launch and scale strategically.

brand strategist

This is for you if you… 

This is not for you if you… 

Are a boutique owner, or sell physical products in the fashion & beauty industries.

Want to increase your sales and scale your business.

Want a memorable and long-lasting brand that your audience loves.

Have been in business for at least one year. You average $750 or more in monthly sales.

Know you could have an autopilot business that will allow you freedom to live an abundant life but struggle to get over marketing roadblocks. 

Know your products and brand can impact the world but can’t figure out how to turn your brand from inconsistent to consistent.

— Run a service-based business.

— Operate a business with no physical product (i.e. dropshipping).

— Have been in business for less than a year or are a beginner to business.

— Haven’t made sales within your
business yet.

— Not willing to invest the time and money it takes to execute the strategies you’ll learn.

— Have a bulletproof brand that you’re not interested in improving.

— Don't want to scale your brand for more impact & cash flow.


“The Brand Hustler gives you tips that actually work for your brand. After implementing her strategies, I began to consistently generate over $500 per day. . .At first I struggled with attracting and maintaining my ideal customer and I was having inconsistent sales. Now I secure 4-6 orders per day.”

-Sheraine R.

“The strategies I learned while working with Shanelle helped me redefine my brand to supercharge the growth of my hair business. A few months later, I fell out of love with hair and decided to build other businesses. I was successful with building and scaling those businesses, thanks to the pages of notes I took from my sessions with Shanelle. I’m on the road to become a millionaire by 35 and it feels great!”

- Nichole C.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our call. Not only did you provide me with detailed, actionable strategies and information to implement with my business, but you also thoroughly explained each process with great visuals and your own personal anecdotes and experiences to really drive each point home. Money well spent for sure!”

- Francis G.

The deadline to apply is Next Cohort: May 2022

I’m only accepting 20 students.

*Apps are reviewed in the order received

Apply Now so you can scale your product-based business